Model Approach

Technical assistance and consulting efforts are most often successful and sustainable when delivered using a methodological approach. This is not to say that every situation is the same, or that a cookie cutter approach necessarily has any value. Instead, methodologies and models reflect commonly-accepted principles and best practices such that those involved with the project can discuss it from a common perspective, and follow a general roadmap towards achieving outstanding results.

The following Model, Elements of Organizational Effectiveness (EOE), is the primary model that Ferrone Associates uses to guide discussions with organizations about identifying and reaching their next level.

Elements of Organizational Effectiveness Model


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Although the EOE Model is useful at providing a big picture perspective regarding the direction and performance of the organization, sometimes a more traditional and tangible approach to a specific situation is needed, such as the tried and true 4-Phase approach: Analyze, Strategize, Plan, and Implement. Here are some of the key activities that Ferrone Associates can deliver within each Phase, depending on the situation and the needs of the organization: 

Phase 1: Analyze

  • Best Practice Benchmarking
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Funding Assessment
  • Customer Svc Eval
  • Feasibility Study

Phase 2: Strategize

  • Mission and Role Assessment
  • Mission & Vision Creation
  • Collaboration Building
  • Board Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Case for Change

Phase 3: Plan

  • Goal Setting
  • Project Planning
  • Logic Model Design
  • Consensus Building
  • Sustainability Planning

Phase 4: Implement

  • Teambuilding
  • Grant Writing
  • Project Management
  • Professional Outsourcing
  • Business Process Improvement

Ferrone Associates has many other models that are useful at assisting clients to focus their thoughts and to make effective decisions. For more information on the other models, please contact us directly.

"I am grateful to have met John through my position on the Families CARE Board.  He successfully guided our staff and board members in the joint creation of our vision for the agency, and has proven himself knowledgeable and creative in providing innovative technical support to both the board and the agency."

Kathy Lewis, Chair, Families CARE Board of Directors 

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Business Improvement District Strategic Planning

Local leaders invited Mr. Ferrone to facilitate a community outreach initiative to gather input as to the future of the downtown center, and then to synthesizes the information and lead a strategic planning effort to identify goals and objectives to enhance the downtown center.

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