Organizations are often faced with questions and challenges for which they do not have an answer or approach, and, unfortunately, choosing the right consulting or technical assistance service to help with the situation can be just as difficult.

Does your organization need project management assistance to push a key initiative?  Or possibly sustainability planning?  Maybe just a bit of Board development?  How about evaluation planning?  Or, do you need help with grant planning and writing, and assistance with overall sustainability?

Ferrone Associates offers a wide array of consulting and technical assistance services designed to advance organizations to the next level of excellence, including, but not limited to, the following:
Strategic Planning (Visioning, Mission Statement Development, Goal Setting), to ensure that the focus of the organization is clear and aligned with the heart and passion of the organization.

Board Development, to empower your Directors to play a significant role in the organization's future.

Project Planning, to ensure that the full 360 degree perspective is accounted for because the stakes are high.

Project Management and Leadership, to help with that complex initiative that is larger and more important than what you've ever done before.

Marketing, to present your organization uniquely and advantageously to the many different stakeholders that interface with your organization.

Organizational Effectiveness, to refine your operations and team approach so as to accomplish what it is you've set your sites on.

Grant Planning and Writing, to secure the funding for your programs and administrative resource needs.

Teambuilding, to foster a high morale and to stimulate team intrinsic motivation.

IT Services, to empower your organization with the right technology tools and software that will effectively support the pursuit of targeted outcomes.

Customer Service Assessment and Improvement, to learn from the people you serve what you can do better, and how to do it.

Leadership Coaching (Executives, Boards, Directors, Managers, Team Leads), to support your leaders through those change moments and personal growth opportunities, because the next level requires new skills and new self-confidence.

Business Planning and Development, to position your organization in the path of new opportunities for growth and success.

Program and Product Development, to assist your organization's passion to be realized in the form of great programs, services, and products.

Business Process Improvement, to facilitate a managed approach to change and improvement when the current processes aren't getting the job done.

Facilitation Services, to assist decision-making and other critical interactions for organizations, internally and externally.

"John is not like most consultants in that he goes way beyond the concepts and reports... he is hands-on and the outcomes he has led us to achieve are very tangible.  And the best part is that we understand where he has helped us get to, and where we need to go next."   

Candy Kennedy, Executive Director, Nebraska Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health

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Grant Writing for the NE Federation of Families

Mr. Ferrone wrote the response to an RFP issued by SAMHSA for statewide family services. The grant submission won, and the Nebraska Federation of Families was awarded a three year grant in the amount of $70,000 per year.

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