Ferrone Associates provides consulting and technical assistance to many different types of businesses and organizations, and to many different levels of leadership and staff.  As a management consultant for nearly fifteen years, John Ferrone has led project resources to achieve dramatic and positive changes among his client organizations.  Ferrone Associates is a network of talented professionals orchestrated and leveraged on behalf of clients in response to their clearly defined needs.  If you have a complex challenge or engaging opportunity and you need some talented assistance to take the next steps, Ferrone Associates can help. 

Mission and Philosophy: Our passion and focus, as well as the values and philosophy that guide our services.

Rising UP: A gift from an amateur artist who was also a team member on a COBOL II Programming Team that John Ferrone managed during his tenure with Deloitte Consulting... this sculpture captured the essence of Ferrone Associates long before John knew he would start his own firm.  It metaphorically represents the essence of his Mission and Philosophy--see if you can discern what it is, and then decide if what drives Ferrone Associates is the type of approach to consulting that you're searching for.

Services: A list of core services that Ferrone Associates has experience providing.  Don't forget to take a look at the questions on the Project Understanding page to see if you can identify with any of the situations that we can help you with.

"The essence of John’s approach to facilitating self-awareness and change within organizations encompasses both creative persistence and patience.  He unified our leadership to craft an integrated road map that genuinely reflected the goals and mission of our organization in a motivating and meaningful way."

Laurie Ellington, Clinical Consultant 

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Nurse Home Visitation Mental Health Strategic Planning

Mr. Ferrone led a strategic planning effort to design a nurse home visitation program enhancement that would train home visitation nurses with a new mental health early intervention skill set. The planning process was part of a juvenile justice grant application, and it required the orchestration...

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